What Is It Wednesday, February, 18.

Today we’re starting a new blog feature, “What Is It Wednesday?”  Periodically we’ll show you a photo of a portion of a fossil from the Museum of Geology.  It may be one on display, one from collections, or one used for teaching.  It may even be a scientific illustration, reconstruction, or painting.

We’ll leave you in the dark until Friday, where we’ll reveal what the fossil is and tell you a bit more about it.

Go ahead and leave your guesses as comments either directly on the blog post or on one of our many Facebook feeds.  Bonus points for correct scientific name and specimen number (not really, there’s no points or prizes other than smug satisfaction).

Good luck and enjoy our fossils!

Here’s this week’s entry…

This week's "What Is It Wednesday" entry.
This week’s “What Is It Wednesday” entry.

One thought on “What Is It Wednesday, February, 18.

  1. My first thought was turtle, but then I thought glyptodont or whale. Without looking at comparison photos, I’m going to stick with turtle (caudal vertebrae).


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